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Alec Badger

Vice President – Global Procurement

Alec Badger directs, plans and oversees all subcontracting, purchasing and procurement functions for Signal Energy Constructors. In this position, he promotes development of lasting relationships with owners, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers to best meet customer needs and the company’s mission. Alec plans, leads and coordinates department members’ activities associated with the budgeting, bidding and buyout of construction projects. His duties include developing and updating company policies relating to estimating, purchasing and contracting. Alec promotes Signal Energy Constructors’ safety and quality policies throughout the bidding and procurement process, and provides oversight and monitoring of job costs for all active projects. He addresses procurement issues with appropriate company personnel and provides high-level evaluation of all budgeting proposals for value engineering and alternate option opportunities.

Alec received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa and his Master’s degree from the University of Iowa.


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Alec Badger